Connect with others who wish to enhance their study of Love Without End within a group setting. Form friendships and build upon your community with others of similar interests.

Thank you for your interest in organizing a study group around “Love Without End…Jesus Speaks”. Many people request permission to do so, and we are glad that you've been moved to service in this manner. The purpose of a study group is to provide an oasis for those deeply touched by “Love Without End… Jesus Speaks”. We envision this to be a supportive gathering of like-minded people who wish to share and explore the new teachings of Jesus at a deeper level.


A study group differs from a traditional religious group in that it does not restrict beliefs, and it differs from a typical support group in that it does not meet for the sole purpose of resolving personal life issues. Even if you are a licensed therapist, please remember the purpose of this group is not to offer professional services… but to study LWE and to provide a stimulating, idea-sharing forum.


Anyone touched or enlightened by the LWE materials can begin or lead a study group. All Love Without End study groups are owned and operated by groups or individuals in their home communities, and these groups have no administrative or financial relationship with Glenda Green or Spiritis Publishing. Some of these study groups are run as non-profit organizations, and some as profit-making ventures. We seek, and have, no control over programs, operations, and activities undertaken by them. It is therefore not necessary to obtain permission from us, or anyone, in order to open such a study group.


We extend the use of our registered name “Love Without End”® on a good will basis to anyone who wishes to develop a group according to the above stated purposes. Such groups are established to respect (though not necessarily agree) with every participant's private beliefs and personal wisdom. However, we do reserve the right to withdraw the privilege of using our registered name in any case where the above stated purposes are not upheld, where any abuse of this right is discovered, or where the group purpose is subverted or redirected into other agendas.


The decision to facilitate a study group is an incredibly intensive commitment not to be taken lightly. While we commend and encourage anyone choosing to step up and facilitate the process of assisting people in their spiritual growth, we want to make clear the heavy impact and commitment that accompanies your role as a group facilitator.


We spiritually support any outreach effort or undertaking in the world that reflects the ideas, concepts and messages found in LWE. For anyone wishing to officially register a study group with us, we are also pleased to supply educational materials, press releases, and sample flyers upon request. If you wish your group to be posted on our web site, e-mail our Study Group Coordinator.

Study Group Guidelines

  • Establish that everyone is joining the group voluntarily because they have found value in "Love Without End" and want to explore and study the book in depth with others who wish to do the same.
  • Although all beliefs and alternate explanations of life will always be respected, establish that the common objective of the group is to study LWE. Do not allow the gathering to be seized and redirected into other agendas. This is a betrayal of confidence that will inevitably result in failure.
  • Because of the intense personal nature of the study group and because participants will be sharing personal truth, beliefs, and life challenges, LWE study groups demand the ultimate level of integrity and confidentiality among participants. Aim for transparency in your group discussions. Be as honest as possible with each other by creating a "safe" place where members can openly share their views. It may help to have the group agree beforehand to avoid all put-downs. Try and live by the rule of respect and encourage group members to look through an objective lens.
  • Establish an arrival time in which sharing and refreshments may be enjoyed, followed about 15 minutes later with a prompt starting time for the session.
  • Begin each study group session with a brief meditation or prayer. Use this to invoke the presence of a Higher Consciousness, and to bring in the spirit of unity and clarity.
  • Take a moment for “checking-in” by asking for a brief sharing from each group member. But remember this is not a "therapy" group, so resist the temptation to “get into people's stories”.
  • As you invite personal response (take no more than 15 minutes altogether) ask for the results of last week's study assignment or life application. This is an important time of realization and mutual discovery.
  • Begin the week's study material by reading aloud from “Love Without End” Whether this reading is shared by members or performed by the group leader, hearing the text through the voice of another often adds color or insight. To maintain a variety of interests, select three or four different passages. After each reading follow with a discussion in which interpretations and practical applications to life are shared.
  • Conclude the study session by selecting next week's study, practical applications, and experiments in life. Select a volunteer for leading the next session. Before closing have a “goodbye check-in” to make sure everyone is all right and no one is "stuck in" unfinished concerns or unanswered questions.
  • End with expressions of gratitude and admiration

Suggestions From Glenda

Clearly establish the purpose of a LWE study group.

Create meaningful and clear study group dialogue by first reading selected passages of text aloud. This will help you stay focused on the reason for meeting. Hearing the text through the voice of others often adds a new viewpoint and extra value.


The Workbook to Love Without End (now called “The Keys of Jeshua”) is a truly invaluable tool for expanding the lessons. It also makes an excellent and appropriate advanced study course. In it you'll find prayers, meditations, and practical applications to life.


Have weekly recommendations for reading and practical assignments for living.


Keep a group journal in which major “Awakenings” may be remembered.


Occasionally engage in purely social activity, such as sharing a sunset picnic, a nature hike, a concert, or dinner and a movie.


Share life with caring and respect.

Advantages To Leading a Group

  • Make a difference in the lives of others and help to create a better world.
  • Learn the teachings of Jesus more fully by facilitating the learning for others.

Advantages To Registering Your Group

  • Have your group listed on
  • Receive teaching updates and guidelines for teachers, press releases, and flyer samples.
  • Qualify for ministerial training and eventual ordination in Spiritis Church
  • Qualify for quantity discounts on all Spiritis merchandise for distribution to your group members.