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When Heaven Touches Earth Banner Image

Glenda Green shares the continuing story of her relationship with Jeshua


When Heaven Touches Earth

“When Heaven Touches Earth”

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In creating the final edition of “Love Without End” expanded world edition, I decided to remove my personal stories, which comprised the Preface and Introduction. I did so in order to give greater focus to Jeshua’s message and less to my personal background leading up to his revelations. This was primarily motivated by the fact that LWE is now circulated around the world in several languages. Other people, in other cultures, may lack both interest and ability for relating to my personal experiences, even though they have a similar devotion to Jeshua.


My personal experiences with the painting and the book are deeply relevant. Truth is not just a reliable external reality. It is also the rightness within our own being, which correlates with external events and gives them a greater meaning.  However if I had told enough of my story to establish that relevance, it would have consumed a disproportionate space in relation to Jeshua’s more important messages.

The true preface to “Love Without End” could not possibly be told within the few anecdotes that had been shared. There was a much larger perspective, which links what happened to me with that rare and special capacity we all have for higher revelations, which we then use to uplift ordinary life. For three decades I had been moved by the Holy Spirit to the threshold of the revelations in “Love Without End.” I had received major inspirational legacies from visionaries of the past. Friends and loved ones had walked on the path with me. And, no doubt the human elements I wrote about had given greater hope to other contemporary teachers and visionaries who read about them. We are ALL part of the stories, past, present, and future. We are ALL being moved by a Higher Consciousness to where a greater connection with God is part of our daily and “ordinary” life. Embracing this larger concept was the new center for the reconstruction of my story.


In many ways “When Heaven Touches Earth” is a companion to “Love Without End, Jesus Speaks.”  Yet, it is so much more. It is also a tribute to the highest and best in human consciousness.


Human beings, throughout the ages and in all cultures, have demonstrated an expanse and richness of consciousness that exceeds all other forms of life on earth. In this we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to connect all the dimensions of life as we know it. Many of those dimensions are best explored scientifically, while others can only be reached by the spirit.


When Heaven Touches Earth” is a tribute to many of those, who in the past, took on the challenge and privilege of exploring and revealing our higher nature to the rest of humanity. In fact, the appendix contains one of the most comprehensive chronologies (18 pages) ever compiled on the subject of Western mysticism. You will be ready to carry this study much further if you care to do so.


And, best of all, the stories are more heartwarming than ever before. In this book you will get to meet my dear friend and companion Gunnar Glowstar, the cat who saw Christ. You will learn about the special inspirations of a vineyard long ago in a place called Paradise, Texas. You will learn about special discoveries in our spiritual heritage that celebrate an important untold story.

To fully enjoy this book, it is not necessary that you have read “Love Without End.” But, if you have, and you wondered if there was more to it, then this will answer many of your questions. If you have had a mystical experience yourself, whether an epiphany in life or a near-death experience, this may provide many insights for how you may relate those experiences to others. Most of all, if you have dreamed of how far you can pursue your own spiritual visions, entering a higher consciousness, and still live a lucid and socially relevant life, this book will give you a model that is unavailable in contemporary literature, even with all the research into consciousness and spirituality.

In this book, we are inspired to think that perhaps the link we seek to a better life is actually within our own nature and being.

It will be a wonderful present for anyone who loves “Love Without End.” It will warm your heart as no other book could. Even if you have read my stories in “Love Without End” a dozen times (as many have) they will take on a new and more inspired meaning in this larger presentation.


One hundred and seventy pages of pure inspiration!




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