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“Jeshua on Health and Wellness  

It’s only just begun…

Join our continuing online course, with new live conference calls each month, cutting-edge new recommendations, and past information updates—all presented within a living community of participants and health practitioners who are available to blog and interact at any time.

Enrolled students receive the FULL original course that is unique in the literature of health and wellness.  There is nothing else like it anywhere!  While you study this extensive course you will be part of a live continuing community.

With your full enrollment you will…

Receive 24 written lessons

Each lesson centers on a subject vital to your health and happiness.  They also include subject correlated collections of all the quotes from Jeshua in the Bible about health and wellness, as well as subject correlated collections of all the quotes he made to Glenda in Love Without End and The Keys of Jeshua.

Receive 24 audio presentations

These presentations, which correlate with the written lessons, are from leading health practitioners who understand the connection between modern holistic health and the way Jeshua healed.

Receive a full year’s membership in our

"Conscious Healing Community"

Through this community we will continually update the original course with more information, live calls, articles, information links, and interactive blog discussions by students and contributors.  It is truly a community of health and wellness populated by people just like you who want the best information and support for the best natural health possible.

 The community membership alone is a $98 value if purchased separately!


·        Gain understanding of the most vital factors affecting your health

·        Tap into the great springs of universal life

·        Activate your consciousness to improve your health

·        Learn our deeper connection with nature, where healing secrets lie

·        Gain practical knowledge that you can apply now

for health, longevity, and happiness.


Jeshua explained that both our happiness and our infirmities are accelerated by our greater state of consciousness.  This does not mean that we CAUSE all of our situations.  Sometimes wonderful things happen to us by surprise, or to the contrary, accidents can cause unexpected loss or injury.   There are indeed external causes for illness, such as bacteria, viruses, contaminants, and catastrophes, in addition to common disappointments that tax our confidence.

It has long been noted that everyone responds differently to opportunities for improvement.  Even the best of medical care can bring about inconsistent results.  On the other hand, some people spontaneously heal with little to no applied treatments.  What are the variables?  What are the mysteries?

One obvious answer is that when we know how to prevent or eradicate environmental dangers, our risks are minimized.

Another obvious answer is that we respond more rapidly and completely to healing (and other opportunities for happiness) when our base-line health is at a higher level.  That is true not only for physical health, but also emotional, mental, and spiritual health. 

Even though we have not discovered all its patterns and mysteries, our universe is sublimely logical.  When we partake of its supply abundantly and in harmonious ways, both health and happiness are more easily reached and retained. 

Everyone’s life is unique, and there are no easy explanations for why some critical situations develop.  I truly believe that illness is NOT God’s punishment.  At the same time I do believe that faithful application of the “Good Law” is God’s reward.

What do I mean by “Good Law?”  Well, in many ways it is the summation of this course, “Jeshua on Health and Wellness.”  It means all of this and much more:

·        Cultivation of understanding about the universe and its natural supply leads to mastery of life. 

·        Understanding our own loving nature activates wellness and leads to better relationships.

·        Eliminating the negative as well as toxins from the environment activates positive potential.

·        Creating harmony and minimizing stress, brings about success.

·        Partaking of nature’s abundance with living food brings about deep nourishment

·        Developing a deeper spiritual life leads to fulfillment

·        When you gain understanding of the most vital factors affecting your health, your life effectiveness increases.

·        When you expand your consciousness you increase command over both health and happiness.

·        When you learn your deeper connection with nature, healing secrets are revealed that are unique to you

·        Cultivating more meaningful relationships allows the greater matrix of love to support and uplift you.

In order to expedite this great level of understanding and make it useful and easy for ANYONE to apply we have collected all the reports of healing from Jeshua’s life and combined them with what some of the most advanced therapists have to say today.

Then we organized this information into the most relevant categories of health and wellness that we each face daily.

This has allowed a new gestalt to emerge from the kaleidoscopic patterns of expanded inclusion and integration. Wholeness was the core of his message then and forever. By assembling the whole of everything we know about his healing actions and messages, combining them with contemporary science, we have arrived at sterling and bright new revelations of truth.

Even though basic principles of good health are eternal, what we have put together in this course is original in scope and depth beyond any information ever assembled.  

Press Play to View JOHW Presentation Video

Individual Lessons            Enroll in the Full Course


Click here to read about the Presenters

New presenters will be included throughout the Year


In a world where epidemics and pandemics are a constant threat;

Where turmoil, unpredictable change, and conflict fill our lives;

Where contaminants are in almost everything

we touch and consume;

and, where conventional health care has an uncertain future,

Can you afford to not know the secrets of the Great Physician?

Also, receive the nurturing advice of eight caring teachers who have

integrated their own special knowledge with Jeshua’s teaching

for your regeneration, happiness, and well-being. 

There has never been a course like this before!


For those who have some concerns or reservations about making a whole year commitment, we have another option:

You may purchase an E-Book + audio download of one lesson at a time.

Each lesson contains an E-Book chapter + audio download for $14.95

For every two lessons purchased you will receive a coupon code to enter our community for 1 full month of interactions, article posting, blogs, and live calls.  You will not have access to the full archived course, but you will have your own copy of the lessons you purchase.  Once you have purchased 24 lessons, you will have full access to all online material. 

I still recommend the full enrollment, because everything will be there for you as you are ready, while you are enjoying a huge savings of $63.80.

However, if this alternate direction allows you to get started, by all means DO IT.  This course is one of the best things you can do for your health and happiness.



Purchase Individual Lessons  Enroll in the Full Course

The 24 lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1: Why wholeness is the basis of health

Lesson 2: Healing is the active side of wholeness

Lesson 3: The power of love and its impact on healing and our physical evolution.

Lesson 4: Nourishment and the Abundance of our Supply

Lesson 5: Escape the limited concepts of energy, time, and space.

Lesson 6: Why priorities and core values are the defining parameters for healthy living

Lesson 7: Your relationship with the earth and the basic elements of life:

Sunlight, water, and air

Lesson 8: Living water and consciousness imprinting on our health and wholeness.

Lesson 9: Sunlight: Energy, chemistry, D3, and illumination of the cells.

Lesson 10: Why the breath of life and oxygen are the basis of organic energy and nature’s immune defence.

Lesson 11: The energy of life: Adamantine particles, and our endless supply of energy.

Lesson 12: Herbs, supplements, and essential oils—the gifts of nature.

Lesson 13: Detoxification - eliminating the negative: Cleansing body, mind, and spirit.

Lesson 14: Spirit, faith and consciousness: The vital activators of good health.

Lesson 15: Why are we so self-destructive?

Lesson 16: Nutritional cleansing... A missing Link in the wellness puzzle!

Lesson 17: De-stressing and building a better relationship with yourself, your work, your friends, family, and community.

Lesson 18: Restoring the Temple of your greater being

Lesson 19: Living food for greater aliveness.

Lesson 20: The child within as healer of the adult.

Lesson 21: Healing the emotional body, pain, trauma, and even past life remembrance.

Lesson 22: Sleep, rest, meditation, and fasting: Rejuvenation of body, mind, and spirit.

Lesson 23: Wholeness, synergy, and coherence as the power of life.

Lesson 24: A plan for putting it altogether


A course that could save your life

or help you have the quality of life you really want!

Plus, when you purchase the full course you receive the $98 value of a year long community membership for FREE.

You may enjoy the course in your own time as it works for you over the span of a whole year while you are also taking in the new expanded information, live calls, and community interactions. 

Allow this information and this community to expand the way you view life and health forever.

Individual Lessons            Enroll in the Full Course

Here is what just a few others have said about the course:


As a practitioner/consultant in complementary health care I have thoroughly enjoyed this powerfully packed course on Jeshua's Health and Wellness.  It has reminded me to go back to many of the basic things I learned along the way in my training.  Putting it another way, the KISS system, Keep It Simple Silly.  We providers are always studying and keeping up on the latest ways to get the best results for our clients/patients, and in doing that we tend to forget about the sound and basic principles in healing.  This course has brought me back to the basics and reminded me that it is hard to replace what God has given us, and that is everything we need to have abundant, radiant and fulfilling lives.  I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in taking an active part in their total health and well being.  It is loaded with pearls of wisdom and knowledge for living a more joyful and passionate life.  Thank you to Glenda and all the wonderful teachers.  Vera, Fl


These lessons reveal such depth and detail about health and healing, so way beyond anything I could have imagined. Every lesson opens another door to a deep and  profound insight of not only health and healing, but about all that is given , available and supplied for our well-being and wholeness,. if only we could see it, believe it,  and take advantage of it .In these lessons I'm becoming aware of the responding intelligence all around and within me, in the air, in the water, in all life, and there is nothing that's not alive, and the light, and that I am a spark of light.  Why did I dim it down for so long, instead of fanning it? Feels like I'm just beginning to live. What I want to say is: what I'm learning here blows the lid off my formerly conventional limited concepts and thinking, as I so noticeably evolve onto amore and more enlightened and enjoyable sphere of awareness. Every lesson reveals something new, exhilarating, thrilling and fulfilling to me. I am so thankful!  Ingrid, CA

This course is designed for expanding healthy living for 2010 and beyond.  The presenters are brilliant not just in their minds but also in their hearts.  They are sharing wisdom from life times of research and learning. Glenda gracefully and eloquently weaves the course together with her many levels of understandings she shares from her teachings with Jeshua.  She, along with the other presenters, are true alchemists for the 21st century here to walk along with each of us on our paths to bringing in a new expanded, high vibrational experience of living a healthy life on this planet....and the subtle bits of magic that are sprinkled throughout my reality are truly a blessing that this course is creating.  It is an opportunity not to be missed! ...Scott


 I want to thank you from my heart for the opportunity to participate in your course "Jeshua on Wellness".  I was diagnosed several years ago with advanced prostate cancer.  Although there has been little change in my PSA, my sense of personal well being has improved tremendously with your course.  I have absolutely no fear of my mortality and look forward to an infinite future in whatever domain God sees fit for me.  By emphasizing our wholeness and original perfection, you also have enabled me to acknowledge my earlier diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, for which I take antipsychotic medication, as an opportunity to grow spiritually and help others similarly afflicted.  I am currently able to function at a very high level due to your course and your books.  You and the experts you have on this program have helped me and countless other people immeasurably.  I gladly refer my contacts to your work every time I get a chance.  Thank you so much for my life and, on behalf of the many people to which I have referred you, for providing the sustenance to sustain a spiritually-thriving, virtual community!  …Denis

I am so glad I have signed up for this course (Jeshua on Health and Wellness).  The information given is very enlightening and simple in nature.  I love how you have brought Jeshua’s teachings, the teachings from the scriptures and brought them into harmony with your own thoughts and have created a whole picture to look at.  It’s like standing back from a situation, having all the data and being able to observe it as a whole.  Viewing it this way raises my consciousness, which gives me more understanding and I am able to experience more joy, which is the desire of the heart.  So thank you for that.  …Tammy

Individual Lessons            Enroll in the Full Course

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